Allegra (as narrator):

This story is taken from 1st Kings chapter 16, 17 and 18. It was set in Israel a long time ago with king Ahab of Israel (in Samaria) (1ST Kings 16: 29) and the prophet Elijah from Tishbite in Gilead (1ST Kings 17: 1a). People of Israel worshiped the false god Baal and then a terrible famine struck Israel.


Tony: KING AHAB king of Israel!!!!!!!!!

Allegra (as prophet): It is the prophet Elijah the tishbite from Gilead

Tony: You have done evil in the eyes of the Lord; you have built idols and have made altars for the false god Baal. As the lord god of Israel whom I serve lives there will be neither dew nor rain in the next few years except at my word (1st Kings 17: 1b).

Allena: I do not need your God for rain because Baal is a God of weather.



Allegra (as narrator):

Ahab did not listen to Elijah’s word so there came no dew or rain on the land. 3 years later, famine had taken over Israel and the lord said to Elijah, go and show yourself to Ahab and I will send rain now let’s move on to Baal’s temple where Ahab and Elijah will meet (1st Kings 18: 1).

Allena: o Baal where are you. Prophets make a sacrifice to Baal then he will hear us and send rain.

Annaclet: Yes, king

Tony: I have not made trouble for Israel, but you have abandoned the lord god of Israel and worshiped Baal. Tell the people of Israel to meet me on mount Carmel and bring 450 prophets of Baal too. The God who answers us is the true God (1st King 18: 18; 19).


Allegra (as narrator):

So, a challenge is set. Ahab and Elijah will meet together on mount Carmel to see which God is real let’s go to the contest.

Tony: welcome Ahab

Allena: prophets bring our finest bull and kill it. this will be fun….

Sing and shout so Baal can hear us (1st King 18: 25).

Annaclet: Yes, sir.

Annaclet and Allegra: asopida! asopida! Asopida! asopida.

Allegra: come down to us Baal, asopida (1stKing 18: 26).


Allegra (as narrator):

Ahab ‘s prophets have been singing for a very long time and Elijah has even fallen asleep! It looks like Baal’s servants may have to sing louder if they want Baal to hear them.

Tony: Maybe Baal your god is daydreaming, using the toilet, traveling somewhere oh maybe is sleeping and you have to wake him up! (1st King 18: 27).

Allena: grrrr! Sing louder!

singing Hebrew

Annaclet and Allegra: breathing heavily (1stKing 18: 26-29).


Allegra (as narrator):

 If Elijah’s God can set fire to his altar, then what do you get, people believing in him again.

Allena: it is your turn Elijah now. Let’s see if your god is real.

Tony: bring me the bull then?! pour jugs of water and put them on the offering.  Do it again. Do it a third time. so now put water in the dich (1st King 18: 33-40).

Allena: Hu? This man is out of his mind.

Tony: now I will call on the name of the lord “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, hear my prayer, let it be known today that you are the god of Israel and that I am your servant and done these things at your command. Turn these people back to you by sending FIRE to this alter Amen (1st King 18: 36).


Annaclet and Allegra: unbelieve!!!!!!!

Allena: hey! Are you on my side or what!

Allegra: run away!!!!!!


Allegra (as narrator):

Elijah’s God is victorious, and Baal’s servants could not take it, so they ran away that takes us to the end of the story so that means a song I hoped you liked it.


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