Action Keyboard Mouse Touch
Step Forward W Swipe Up on Right Half
Step Back S Swipe Down on Right Half
Step Left A Swipe Left on Right Half
Step Right D Swipe Right on Right Half
Turn Left Arrow Key Move Swipe Left on Left Half
Turn Right Arrow Key Move Swipe Right on Left Half
Look Up Arrow Key Move Swipe Up on Left Half
Look Down Arrow Key Move Swipe Down on Left Half
Zoom In Z
Fly Space Space Tap Top Middle Edge
Jump Up Space 2-Finger Tap
Crouch Down Left Shift Tap Bottom Middle Edge
Mine [ Left Click Long Tap
Build ] Right Click Tap Right Middle Edge
Next Item E Scroll Down Tap Top Right Corner
Previous Item R Scroll Up Tap Bottom Right Corner
Talk T
Command / or \
Sign `
HUD On/Off F1 Tap Left Middle Edge
Screen Shot F2
Extra Info F3 Tap Top Left Corner
VR View F4

Before using the mouse controls, you may need to left-click somewhere on the game. Press the ESC key to return your mouse to normal, when you want to exit the game, or click on something else.