We are in the early stages of developing our own game like MineCraft.

The game will only be open to people we know - either our own church members, or their friends - that way we can control who has access, and prevent strangers ruining our fun. The community of players will include many young children, so we will be keeping tight control of who has access and what they can do in the game.

To get access to the game, you will need to use the same login details you use for this web site. If you're not registered yet, go here to set up an account. After you have logged in to this web site, you will also need to contact the Blocky Game Team to have your user profile updated to allow you to access the game.

Once you have been approved for access to the game, you just need to connect to our world.

The game has not been officially launched yet and is still being developed, so don't spend lots of time building anything there yet, because it might just disappear without warning!